Insight | Cordell 'Coop' Ingram

“My mother didn’t pound that weak shit in my head about a boy liking me if he’s mean to me. You want me, Cordell? You better man up and act like it…

Besides, you’re mean to everyone. I’m not flattered.” — Melody Hinton

I’m not here to give too much tea, just enough to hold you over this weekend.

First things first, Cordell “Coop” Ingram was introduced in Tonight I’m Yours, however, his story can stand on its own.

Believe that!

I’ve created some amazing, swoon-worthy men, but this man right here… is everything + more. You’ll want to read about him and the way he puts it down. (that was certainly a spoiler alert)

Melody Hinton was simply minding her business. She’d finally graduated from that long, drawn-out marketing internship program and BAM! Cordell Ingram was suddenly in charge of her. Or so he thought!

I can’t wait for you to read this one!!

First line of the prologue: I didn’t want her, but my boss was determined to push her on me.

Last line of the prologue: I’d lied to myself. I’d been fronting on her like a mutha... I did want her. Now, more than ever.


After everything I’ve just given you, you still don’t know the half. Whew!

Cover reveal + details are coming soon. I’m serious. Don’t miss out. My mailing list has first dibs.

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