Dear Best Friend, Happy Mother's Day

I never imagined I could love someone as much as I love you!

Truth is, I call and run to you for everything because I want to share every milestone and heart-wrenching moment with the woman who has learned to love me a thousand times and counting. You adjust to my needs with every disappointment and fear I encounter, and your immense faith always compensates for the certainty I lack. How could I ever thank you for everything you’ve done for me?

You’re the woman who ask for nothing but deserves everything. You’re the light that emits when darkness thinks it has me overwhelmed. Selfless with only pure intent to love me unconditionally, knowing I have you makes every troubling circumstance appear minimal.

Contemplating how far we’ve come brings tears to my eyes. I’m in awe with how you were stripped the love and care of your mother and still managed to become the best there is.

Mommy, you are my heart, my world, my everything! I will protect you at all cost and if you ever feel alone, you only have to look beside you, for I will ALWAYS be there.

Happy Mother’s Day, Queen. I love you endlessly!





Shanice Swint