When was the last time you felt doubtlessly in love?

And don’t play with my inquiry, because I’m talking unwavering, incalculable, enrapturing love. I’m talking a feeling so sincere you stress over being perfection in their eyes.

I’m extra, so I must continue just in case you still don’t get it.

Your breathing heightens whenever their name populates on your phone. Your eyes roam their being, yet avoids their eyes because you’re afraid of getting completely lost in them. Their words have the ability to shape your world, reflecting your mood because you’ve become putty in their hands.

Too far? I warned you I was extra. But seriously, when was the last time?

If you’re experiencing anything less than utter passion, bliss-filled captivity and unfaltering love, you’re settling. And haven’t we settled enough, only to endure an outcome that wasn’t worth the heart-aching hassle? These days I rather wait on understanding than plead for it. Despite how desperately we may want to experience a life-altering love, settling is worse than being engulfed in loneliness.

I’m so serious about this that I’m not even promoting anything after the topic. This is it, baby! I simply want us to be stern with our needs/ wants/ cravings amid love. Let’s stand our ground, voice what we want consistently, then proceed to NOT settle for a damn thing. Soon, we will prosper in love.