What are some of your thoughts on love?

I'll go first...

Unnecessary. Intimidating. Stressful. Who needs it?


Don't mind me, those are just some of my thoughts at 6:00PM on a hump-day that has set the tone for a heart-wrenching week. Other days, especially with a pen in hand, I aim to convince my peers that love is magical, enthralling and downright intoxicating

A true love's journey can be so exhilarating that fear will step in to persuade you to run before the going gets tough. Prior heartache can have you running for the hills to escape the inevitable. Truthfully, if I had a dollar for the many times I'd gotten the f%#@ out of dodge, I would be wealthy with a personal cabin on Bottom Bay. Preferably sipping Stella Rose with Elle Varner's Perfectly Imperfect album on repeat.


Hey! A girl can dream, can't she?

Dreaming of love is safer than the actual experience. Or in my case, writing about it appears more secure. But what happens when running leads us to a brick wall that we can't maneuver around? Now we're stuck in place, and the same Stella Rosa that masked our nerves begins to torture us with thoughts of 'what if?'

Here's what I propose, because I think I'm going to give the theory a go... 

Pardon me, allow me to be more affirmative with my proposition. I am going to give this theory a go!

I'm willing to love regardless of the outcome. Merely milking the pivotal moments to experience something true, even if only for brief periods of time. To learn to love, to teach to love... whatever the mission, I'm with it. In the midst of it all, I'm going to write about that s%@!.

Now tell me, what are some of your thoughts on love? What do you propose? There's no rush on the answer. Perhaps you should ponder it thoroughly and hit me with the results later. Besides, it took me years to get here.

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Have you had the chance to indulge in my latest novel Thanks For Nothing? It expands on this topic in an unimaginable way that you must check out for yourself! A track from Elle Varner's Perfectly Imperfect album was definitely mentioned because just like me, my main character Nicole was dreaming. Dreaming!