Sample Sunday | When We Love

Yes, we’re still set for Tuesday, January 15th. You’ve cleared some time on your schedule for me, right?

Check out the excerpt below…

(unedited + subject to change)


“You need to check in today, before someone thinks you’ve been kidnapped.”

I giggled at that. “And what will they think of you? You think you’re the only one who can go missing for days at a time?”

Kaden held my chin in place to kiss me. My eyes danced amongst his chocolate skin as he stood from bed. 

I noted his every move. 

I blushed uncontrollably every time he spoke.

“Creatives go missing all the time, A.” He shrugged. “Those around us learn to adjust to our obsession with solitude.”

“I refuse.” I folded my arms and pretended to pout. Deep down, I was serious. I’d made up a lot of excuses before, just to see and be with him. 

I craved that creative. 

I couldn’t picture a life or too many hours without him.

“I’ve peeped your schemes to get next to me, A. They made me fall in love with you.”

He’d said it with so much assurance, I beamed. Thankfully, his back was to me as he headed to shower. With the minimal pride and self-control I had left, I wanted to front like I wasn’t melting in that moment. 

The things he said livened my world.

The way he touched me felt like the love I’d always prayed for.

“Join me,” he said. Kaden looked back at me with a heightened brow. Looking into his eyes only lasted a second before he disappeared in the bathroom.

I was on my feet quickly. My B-Cup breasts bounced in front of me.

“Hurry up,” he called behind him. His hand was extended, awaiting mine when I followed him in the bathroom.

We were already bare when we stepped in the deep bathtub together. Kaden adjudged the temperature to my liking, then turned my back to it to lather me with an exfoliating loofah and Dove soap.

“I can’t remember the last time I reminded you how beautiful you are.” He lathered glistening suds all over my breasts. “You’re beautiful, Aria.”

I couldn’t stand not kissing him after that.

Wrapping my arms around his mid-section, I held on tightly and looked up to initiate a kiss. Kaden towered over me beautifully.

My world revolved rapidly during our kiss. I was spinning out of control, hoping to land in his arms. Kaden slapped both of my ass cheeks simultaneously and lifted me to his waist. I locked my legs around him, maintaining our tongue lashings. We were fighting over control, indulging in the sloppiest kiss we’d ever shared.

He was so sensual. Sensual and swift. Kaden eased me onto his dick and groaned. He spread my ass cheeks and moved me up and down to his liking.

With him, I couldn’t catch a break. And I loved it.

I wasn’t only talking to his dick when I moaned how much I loved him. I meant it whole-heartedly. 

After making love countless times, another lover would never do.

“Tell me it’s my pussy,” he spoke through our messy kiss.

“It’s your pussy, Kaden.” I moaned in his ear, occasionally licking his earlobe. “I’m yours.”

His for the taking!

I belonged to him.

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