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Idk, fam. This scene just didn’t make it for whatever reason.

Forgive me + read on with discretion.

(This excerpt is unedited + copyrighted.)


I opened my front door to a chocolate God. There would always be a force higher than him, but on earth, he was premier. 

“Why didn’t you return to me?” Kaden welcomed himself inside. “You know better than that.” His stimulating cologne reeled me in like a pair of strong arms when he brushed by me. 

I smiled at my crystal doorknob as I pushed the door closed. Hiding my admiration from him, I settled my expression before looking up to face his glowing, light brown eyes. The way he towered me was enticing, but sometimes I wished to match his height. Smashing my glossy lips against his would take less time. It would be easier to kiss him.

“You had last minute meetings, and I have to catch up on work...”

“I don’t want that, Aria,” he cut me off and leaned in to hug me. Kaden’s muscular arms engulfed me. The essence of his enthralling being snuggled me closely.

“It’s all I have. It’s the truth.”

“It’s an excuse.” Kaden kissed my neck, effortlessly making my body quiver. Pulling back to smirk at my lips, he licked his and surveyed my expression. “You good?”

I only nodded, unable to find the correct words right away. The right thing to say always came to me, just never immediately. Never when I desperately needed them to assist me.

No way! That would’ve been too easy!

“I’m glad you’re here.” I held his warm palm to my face and smiled at his chest. I already wanted him out of his hoodie—completely out of his clothing. Now that he was here, I wanted him. Like two anxious broads prepared for a catfight, it was on sight for the sexual battle I direly craved.

A taste of his rich chocolate skin never got old.

Kaden backed me against the front door and reached over me to lock the bolt. He looked proud that I was dressed down. His mesmerized eyes were hooked on the end of my oversized t-shirt that stopped in the middle of my deep-cinnamon toned, thick thighs.

Without needing to instruct me, his authority always showed up and out for him. Submission led me to my knees as he watched me attentively. The smirk plastered on his handsome, cocoa display was contagious. Smiling up at him, I anticipated him releasing his hard, bulging dick to slap on my lips. The weight of it excited me, the shapeliness of its massive, mushroom head turned me on.

The view from here was good!

But Kaden wanted me to stand.

“I’m after something else right now.” He’d lifted me eye level to his chest by my chin. Two fingers held my head high as he lowered his head to indulge. My eyes were closed tightly—breathing heightened during an aggressive kiss.

I could never get enough of this! 

It was impossible. 

Consume me.

Kaden nestled his head against my neck to breathe me in. After roaming underneath the oversized graphic t-shirt I wore that read Nap Queen, his luminous brown eyes gleamed. He slapped my ass cheeks and spread them wide before lifting me in his arms. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I held onto him by locking my arms around his neck.

“Kaden.” I squealed and giggled in his ear.

I wasn’t afraid he would drop me. In all ways, I was certain he always had me.

Distracted with soft kisses to my neck, I hadn’t expected to be eased onto his dick as he carried me to the bedroom. Kaden's shorts were to his ankles while he carefully trailed us to my master room.

He lifted me gradually… slowly… sensually. The music my wet pussy created with his hard dick deeply inside of me intrigued him. Kaden bounced me tenderly on his gratifying pole to persistently produce the same beautiful sound.

“Thats it.” He’d confirmed what he was after in my ear, then tossed me onto my pillow-top, queen-sized bed. The purple, silk sheets accepted me and evoked serenity.

I had to admit, even if sometimes it was shamefully, being fulfilled with him deeply inside of me made me feel more alive than being fulfilled alone.

Kaden Daniels was it for me.  

Have you indulged in Kaden + Aria’s steamy novelette?

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