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A lot of you said you were ready for my upcoming gem. I hope you keep that same energy Tuesday, January 15th.

Check out the excerpt below…

(unedited + subject to change)

Note: This is a short, calm sneak-peek before I provide you an intense, storm of ecstasy.



”God.” I whimpered.

“Don’t call on Him now. He doesn’t wanna hear that shit.”

My eyes were still closed as I scowled at Kaden’s remark. Lifting me in his arms, he assured me his hold on me was safe until we reached his master bathroom. Kaden dropped the lid on the toilet before gradually sitting me upon it. 

Though I couldn’t see his actions, I heard them loud and clear. Snatching the shower curtain back, he ran the water swiftly afterward and tugged at my shirt.

“Lift your arms.” His deep tone was demanding. He didn’t sound like he had time for my hesitancy. “It’s nothing I haven’t already seen, A. I undressed you last night.”

“Did we... um...”

“No,” he answered quickly. “You would’ve remembered that shit. Trust me.”


“That we did,” he answered, confirming the kiss I’d always dreamed about.

So it was real! It became my truth overnight. 

“Stand up for me,” he said. Kaden assisted me to my feet and lowered my shorts. I assumed I had his clothing on. Despite the distinct smell of throw up, his enticing cologne lingered closely behind. “Lift your leg. Step in.”

I anticipated the warm water as I followed his lead. Anxious for it to tackle my skin, I yelped when the opposite occurred. Cold water threatened my livelihood.

Distraught, my eyes finally opened to look at him. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Kaden chuckled. “I know the demons in you are used to hot water but you’re already running a fever. I’m hoping a cool bath will help you.”

“Asshole,” I murmured.

“You got it from here? Or you need me to bathe you? I wouldn’t be opposed to...”

“Boy, get out.” I closed the shower curtain on him before he could witness the goofy smile that stretched my lips and lifted my round cheeks.

“That’s how people act when they don’t need you no more,” he mumbled to himself. “Holla if you need me, woman.”

Sighing deeply after he closed the bathroom door, I adjusted the water to the warm side a bit and stood underneath it for healing. Mercy was finally embracing me. The massaging shower-head was caressing me back to health.

I tried reflecting back on the night. I could hardly remember anything besides KD’s beautiful lips pressed against mine. Of course I remembered Chelsea opening a tab and forcing endless drinks and lemon shots on me, but the mere thought of alcohol made me gag. Kissing KD was the only safe thing to focus on.

It was the most memorable part of my night.


Tuesday, January 15th.  ✨

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