Lust at First Sight | A Short Story Collab with Monica Walters

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“Earth to Layla.” My best friend, Nova, snapped her fingers near my face to grasp my attention. “Are you just going to stand there? Or do you want a Long Island?”

I pulled my attention from him to nod. 

Nova had invited me out for a night of fun. As my best friend, she knew I’d desperately needed a distracting adventure in my life. Being swamped with endless, coding paperwork from my superior was taking a tiring toll.

I needed fresh air away from the medical office and my home office.

I needed… him.

“What’s got you so…” Nova’s voice trailed off as she followed the gleam in my eyes. “Oh. Remo Gage,” she spoke close to my ear and giggled. The aesthetic of the hookah lounge was laid back and compact. I appreciated the calm feel of the atmosphere. The throwback nineties' jams completed the serene aura.

Now that she’d confirmed who he was, she had my attention! I turned to her quickly, envious that she was now frisking him with an intrigued gaze. “Interesting name. You know him?”

Nova scoffed and looked upside my head. “You don’t? He’s a local rapper. Very popular in Orlando.”

“I must’ve missed the memo,” I spoke lowly before refocusing on him again.

He appeared mysterious, composed, smooth, and fine as ever!

It was unfair…

Unfair to be in the same room as him yet so far away. Daydreams of approaching him to wrap my arms around his neck while introducing myself had taken over my mind.

Whether she thought I was being dramatic or not, I had to tell her. “I think I’m in love, Nova.”

Nova giggled behind her long, stiletto nails and shook her head. “It’s not polite to stare, girl. Didn’t Ms. Anita teach you anything?” she asked, referring to my mom.

“Mhm. But she didn’t prepare me for this,” I quipped. “Okay.” I pulled my eyes from him to gather my composure. “Let’s go get those drinks.”

I needed something to occupy my time. Remo was starting to check me out. He probably assumed I was some insane groupie who couldn’t keep my eyes off of him.

At this point, he wouldn’t be completely incorrect.

Attentive to every visible detail about him, I’d both noticed and admired his deep, chocolate skin. The diamond grill in his mouth nearly blinded everyone in the dim room. His full lips parted each time he spoke because he always chuckled afterward. 

Remo towered over his entire entourage. They had a section of the lounge roped off, and I’d contemplated leaping over the bright, red rope to get to him.

“Ladies. What are you drinking on tonight? Whatever it is, our special guest, Remo has taken over the tab for the night. Head to the bar and drink free all night on Remo Gage,” the DJ announced.

I was almost impressed with his latest move to front the bill… almost

Looking over at his section once more, our eyes locked the moment I latched onto him. Remo winked and motioned for me to approach him with a head nod and a swift wave in the air. 

I examined the area I stood, being sure I was his direct target.

“You staying in line for that Long Island or you going to get your man?” Nova teased. She was already three fireball shots in. I wished I was caught up. Liquid courage would’ve done me some good right now.

“I… I can’t…” I shook my head and smiled at the ground. Admiring him from afar was safe. Up close and personal would have me melting against his tall, muscular build.

“You can’t do what, shawty?” Remo’s deep, southern baritone resounded in my ear. He’d made his way to me just as quickly as my heart had dropped to my ass. “What is it? I’ll figure it out for you,” he said, sounding every bit of promising.

My breathing heightened. Control over my own body was no more.

“I’m Remo.” He licked his lips. Security stood off to the side, watching Remo’s every move.

“That’s clear.”I uncontrollably blushed. “I’m Layla.”

“Nice to meet you, Layla.” He smiled, blinding me with his diamond encrusted grill up close. His dark eyes placed fear in my heart, but I couldn’t stop now. “You willing to follow me? You look too good to be in this line.” Remo looked me up and down, taking in every inch of me observantly. “Your friend can come too.”

“Excuse me.” Nova snapped her neck in our direction. “Don’t try to play me.” She rolled her eyes and headed to his section without another word.

Although Remo chuckled at her, he kept his eyes on me and extended his hand. “Wassup? Can I lead you there or not, baby?”

That accent could get whatever he wanted out of me. I was willing to accommodate his every want and need—willing to please him in more ways than just following his lead over to his decked-out section.

“Please do.” I leaned into him and whispered. A strong and appetizing whiff of him made my mouth water. 

How was it even possible for him to smell better than he looked?

“Tell me, Layla. Tell me why you would wear that short ass dress tonight? You trying to lead me into temptation or some shit?” Remo spoke every word close to my ear. His breath tickled my lobe, making me giggle like a teenaged girl being courted by her first real crush.

Remo’s smooth demeanor was magnetizing. Dressed down in a black hoodie, designer denim jeans with the tag still attached to them, and Jordan’s, Remo looked good enough to sexually devour.

My thoughts were screaming for me to reply with a loud and vibrant, hell yes, but all I could produce was a vigorous nod. If he could read my thoughts, he would know I wanted him in the worst way–between my thighs and pushing deeply inside of me. 

I doubtlessly wanted him—a stranger.

My fingertips ached to roam through his long, blonde-tipped dreads. 

Remo stared down at my brown thighs as we gradually walked to his section. Awaiting an answer from me, he raised one of his thick eyebrows, intrigued.

“Yes,” I answered honestly. Originally, my plans were to unwind by sitting at the bar and having a few drinks with my best friend. After laying eyes on Remo, my plans shifted.

I wanted him—a handsome, irresistible stranger.



My paid appearance at Kush Ultra’s hookah lounge was going well. The people were flowing to my music that was blaring from the Yamaha speakers, and there were some bad chicks in attendance. I’d bought out the bar, and now, the only thing left to do was to get this night over with. As a rapper, women threw themselves at me all the damn time. Getting pussy wasn’t a problem. I needed something a lil different tonight, though. 

I wanted to be the aggressor. The woman could show interest and shit, but I wanted to make the first move for a change. I’d expressed those sentiments to my boy and hype man, Genesis too many times. 

“Yo, look over there. She been checking for you all night. Shawty fire too,” Gen alerted me.

I glanced in the direction Genesis was looking.

Oh, shawty was fine as fuck.

He wasn’t lying about that shit. 

She wasn’t hanging in front of VIP, looking all thirsty and shit either. I liked that. She did notice a nigga, though. That let me know she was interested. As she and her friend made their way to the bar, I kept a close eye on her.

Taking note of her golden skin tone, thick lips, and plump ass while making plans to see if she tasted like caramel, was steadily causing my desire for her to escalate. After making eye contact with her a couple of times and trying to get her to come to VIP by gesturing her over, shawty still hadn’t made her way to me. It looked like she was warring within on whether she should.

I was about to make that decision for her ass.

I approached the line at the bar to meet her. After a little persuasion and watching her take me in, she conceded. 

The way that short dress clung to her every curve had a nigga hypnotized in every sense of the word. All I could think about was taking that shit off her and baptizing this platinum, diamond encrusted grill in her pussy. 

I licked my lips at the very thought of that.

Shawty wasn’t trying to beat around the bush either. She knew exactly what she wanted. By the look in her eyes and her body language, she was begging me to put this beast to her. 

Of course, I’d be happy to oblige. She was the romantic, freaky type. Seemed like she liked a little back and forth before getting to it. Layla had admitted she was trying to lead me to temptation, though, and I definitely planned on yielding to that shit.

Those legs were calling me.

I ran my hand up one of her thighs as I bit my bottom lip, watching her reaction. Feeling the shiver that emanated through her body made me want more. My appetite for a good fuck had enlarged itself as I felt the heat coming from that kitty cat.

She reached up and touched the tips of my dreads and her eyes closed involuntarily. I continued to stroke her legs as a moan left her parted lips. This public display of foreplay was making me wanna throw her lil ass against the wall and dick her down for everybody to see.

My dick was hard as a hammer and it was ready to pound some shit.

I noticed Genesis was occupied talking to the chick that was with her, so I looked at Layla and gazed in those beautiful brown eyes sitting before me. “So, wassup tonight, lil mama? You gon’ ride with me?”
She leaned in close. “Ride with you, or ride on you?”

Shit, I was about to snatch her lil ass up on the spot and run right up out of this fucking club. “Aight, baby. I take it you down to see what I’m all about, huh?”

Layla threw me a seductive smirk.

Turning her chair, I yanked it to me, landing those pretty legs between mine. Noticing the innumerable fires in her eyes, I slid my hand up the inside of her thigh once more.


The slight tremble of her thighs turned me on even more so, making me want to dive in that pussy head-first. I licked my lips gradually as I inched higher. Her body temperature was rising and so was mine. When the tips of my fingers landed on her mound, she looked to have stopped breathing. I used my free hand to stroke her velvety cheek.

“You want a nigga deep in that shit, don’t you, shawty?”

“The question is how deep are you gonna get,” she replied breathlessly.

“That does seem to be the mystery.” I nodded, amused.

Leaning closer to her, my lips grazed her ear before I licked her neck. Damn, she smelled delectable, and I couldn’t wait to make her my main course. “But you obviously ready to find out, according to the way those nipples straining against this dress.”

The goosebumps had appeared on her flesh as I gently bit her earlobe and rubbed my fingers on her bulging clit. “I promise you, I can touch every part of that pussy.”

Continuing to stroke that pearl had her ass sweating, I watched her trying to hide the things my touch was doing to her body. Her attempts to mask her excitement didn’t work, I could see that shit vividly like a movie playing on the big screen. 

I pushed her chair away from mine and summoned the bar-chick to bring another bottle. Leaning back in my chair, I surveyed her from head to toe. She was trying to play a good, teasing game with me, but shawty was dying for me to douse that fire between her legs. “C’mere baby.”

I grabbed her hand as she stood. Pulling her to my lap, I held onto those thighs like they would be my last meal. Lightly running my fingers up her arm to her shoulder proved to be too much for me. 

Watching her anticipate what I would do next was taking me down quicker than her. When my bottle of Ciroc arrived, I brought it to the head. 

Handing it over to her, I said, “Let me see you take it to the head, beautiful.”

She stared at me for a moment, then licked her thick lips and lifted the bottle to them. 

Hell yeah.

“So, what would you say if I said, let’s get the fuck outta here?”

Layla stood from my lap and smiled. “I thought you’d never ask.”


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