Forbidden Ecstasy part 1 | A Short Story Collab with Asia Monique

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(Before you proceed, please note that this short story is arousing, adventures and downright raunchy. I encourage you to read with an open mind to thoroughly enjoy the passion within.)


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Last week, I’d only needed one fix. This week, I was doubling back.

“Ms. Champion?” The preppy hotel attendant at The Ritz-Carlton tapped the space bar aggressively. Tucking her frazzled, ginger bangs behind her ears, she huffed at the computer screen and grumbled obscenities under her breath. 

I’d never seen her before; she had to be new. The others were up to speed, they’d familiarized my eager face and learned to hand me the proper key-card when I arrived.

“My apologies. The system is updating. One second, please.” 

I didn’t have a second to spare, but I managed to nod and smile politely anyway. It was like my body knew where I was. My pulsating pussy was aware he was in the building.

Dominic was here. 

He was in the same beautiful suite he booked upon my request or his dire need for me.

“Here you are, Ms. Champion. Your name is on suite 432, you can find that on the…”

“Top floor.” I smiled again, this time extending my hand for the essential I needed to access the room.

“Yes.” She returned a faint smile and placed the sleeved key-card in my palm. “If there is anything else you may need, Ms. Champion, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

“Perfect,” I chimed and strutted toward the gold elevator doors.

After pressing the button to step on, I giggled to myself while looking down at my attire. It wasn’t the oversized trench coat I wore over my birthday suit that tickled me. Being referred to as Ms. Champion got me every time. The name didn’t belong to me, but the title was given to me by a man who said I rode dick like a champion. 

I was proud of the name.

The elevator chimed as the steel doors opened. Looking up to advance forward, I stopped in my tracks and emitted a small gasp.

“Dominic,” I whispered. He was leaning against the side of the elevator, eyes straight forward. He smirked and licked his lips when his golden-brown eyes landed on me. His flawless brown skin glowed under the illumination of the elevator light.

“Hey,” I whispered again. Dominic motioned for me to step inside the elevator. Once inside, he pressed a button to close the doors immediately behind me.

“I’ve been waiting on you for too long.” He backed me against the furthest wall of the sizable elevator. “And you know what happens when you make me wait,” he said. Dominic’s full lips grazed my ear. His deep voice gave me chills.

“Remind me,” I practically begged. I wanted him so bad. 

No one else knew how to please me like Dominic did. It wasn’t right to cheat on my boyfriend of four months with an ex I’d spent three toxic years with, but the sex was amazing. The love we made was incomparable to anything I’d ever experienced.

Dominic chuckled at my heavy panting and lifted my chin to kiss me. Towering over me, he leaned down a bit to part my lips with his tongue. Distracted by a kiss that made my juices flow, I hadn’t realized he’d gone inside my trench coat until he started rubbing my clit.

“Dominic.” I took a deep breath. “Not here.” My mouth said no, but I held onto his arm as he picked up the pace to rub my clit exactly the way I liked it.

I panicked when the elevator chimed again. The top floor was eight flights upward, and we'd only made it to the second one. “Dominic…”

He shushed me with a kiss and pulled me into his arms for a tight hug. With his fingers still on my clit, he pulled back and stared at me intensely. His eyes told warned me to act natural. Dominic’s sly smile controlled my body.

His back was toward the door, face utterly focused on me. A pale-faced man dressed in a business setting getup stepped on and glanced at us for a moment before turning his back to us. 

I was only grateful for a moment. And Dominic had only given me a short moment before he pressed down and put pressure on my clit.

“You’re wet as fuck,” he mumbled in my ear. The heat of his breath rocked my world. “Get your first one out of the way,” he instructed.

This was reckless, and he knew it, but it was one of his favorite ways to please. The thrill of being caught turned him on.

I shook my head. He knew better than anyone else that I was noisy, especially during a climax.

“You made me wait on you, Sade” he whispered, smirking at the end of his guilt trip.


It was the time we came together. We were never certain of the day we would meet, but the time never changed. Tonight, I’d exceeded our regularly scheduled time by thirty minutes. For that, there would be consequences.

“Do that thing I like.” He was so loud in my ear that I feared the stranger accompanying us could hear him. Focusing on the back of the stranger’s head, I tried my hardest to grind on his fingers quietly. He whispered the naughtiest things in my ear as I stifled my moans against his shoulder and moved my hips to ride his fingers. My wet pussy sliding against his fingers were loud. Dominic chuckled at my panic-stricken expression. On one end, I was being thoroughly pleased, and on the other, I was scared the man in front of us would turn around in horror.

Dominic didn’t care. 

Each time I slowed down, he picked up the pace himself and threatened to make me scream if I didn’t behave. My pants were becoming louder than my thoughts.

“Please,” I whispered, knees buckling underneath me. I could feel my climax building by the second, I was so close to making a big scene during an explosive orgasm.

“I need you to cum for me.” The way he’d said it was stern and pleading. Now, I wanted to cum for him. I wanted to cum for him just as badly as he needed me to.

“Yes daddy.” I nodded.

Another chime from the elevator startled me. Before stepping off of the elevator, the stranger looked back at us and exited quickly. 

Dominic chuckled at my wide eyes. Pressing his lips against my neck, he whispered against my spot. “You’re distracted. Close your eyes.”

I knew I didn’t have a choice, so I didn’t expect one. Instead, I lifted my hand to his face to turn his head and make him face me. Smiling at his lips, I licked mine seductively before leaning in to kiss him.

I prayed for no one else to use the elevator. My fingers were crossed as I moaned toward the ceiling and rode his fingers with my eyes closed.

“Damn.” He huffed in my ear. “You’re so fucking wet. I can’t wait to taste you.”

“Dominic.” I moaned. Unable to control myself any longer. My body spasmed as he held me in his arms and coached me through it. His middle finger entered me as my juices trailed down his arm.

Dominic pulled his finger out teasingly. He wiped it along my lips and kissed me afterward.

“I can’t wait to get you in the room,” he said.

Dominic’s hand was already around my neck when we stepped inside our luxury suite. He stripped me of the trench coat that belonged to him and dropped to his knees. Lifting my leg over his shoulder, he indulged face first, attempting to devour my pussy. Dominic was still tall on his knees. With his hand wrapped securely around my neck, he squeezed mildly while circling his warm tongue around my clit.

Suddenly, my body jerked. Dominic quickly held me upright by taking his hand from my neck to grab my ass.

“No no no...” My pleads didn’t make the cut. He’d eased half a finger inside my ass. My eyes nearly rolled to the back of my head as I whimpered for mercy. The tongue lashings on my clit caused my entire body to quiver.

Noturned into yesbefore I could wrap my mind around it. “Yes. Finger my ass, Dominic. Taste your pussy, Dominic.”

It was the greatest ecstasy a girl could ask for.




“Ohhh God!” She moaned loudly as her body convulsed in my arms. 

“That’s not my name.” I growled attacking her already sensitive bud with vigor. 

“D-Dominicc.” I watched with an accomplished smirk displayed, as the master piece before me had an array of facial expressions play out on her beautiful, caramel colored face. What we were doing wasn’t right, but in this moment, I didn’t give a fuck. 

Her body was my weakness. 

I craved her like this. 

I needed her like this!

“Give me one more,” I mumbled against her clit, letting the vibration of my voice send shock waves through her body once more. “One more.”

She’d already given me three body jerking orgasms, but I was selfish.

I was greedy!

I wanted more. 

“I-I can’t.” She whined. “I—” 

My desire for her to cum for me was far more important than her pleas for me to stop. Her mind was betraying what her body really wanted from this encounter–what her body craved. 

It’s what had her doubling back for another sample of what only I could give her. If I was being honest, the fiancé I was hiding from her didn’t compare nor compete with Sade in this area of our relationship. 

Deciding that I needed to feel her right now, I lapped the juices that were leaking from her before removing her leg from my shoulder. She pressed her shaky body up against up the wall behind her to keep from falling. I stood to my full height as the small frame that was once completely mine fell into my arms. 

A flicker of old feelings rushed through me, but I shook them away and bent her over the couch. While wrapping one hand around the back of her neck, I used the other to send two hard slaps to her plump ass. 

 “Please, Dominic!” Sade pleaded. The strain in her voice was an indication that she was ready for more, but tonight I wanted to take my time. 

I wanted to show her something. 

Leaning forward, I took my tongue and slowly slid it down the middle of her back until I reached the top of her ass.

 She squirmed beneath me.

With every move of her body, my dick hardened. 

It was ready for her. 

Taking both my hands, I spread her ass cheeks, and then slowly slid inside of her wet tunnel. 

“You’re so fucking wet. Only I get you this way, Right?” I asked as I taunted her with deep, slow, sensual strokes. 

“Only you.” She whimpered. Her grip on the sofa pillows were getting tight and tighter. I kept my strokes steady, knowing I wouldn’t last like this for very long but the urge to make love to her before fucking her senseless took over.

 Her walls had a death grip on my dick. 

“That feels so good, baby. Go deeper,” she said. Gripping her neck, I pulled her body toward me, the arch in her back was sexy as hell. Sade had always been flexible. She enjoyed being twisted in many different positions and I enjoyed putting her in them.

Pushing deeper into her, I sped my movements up. “Throw that shit back.” Not missing a beat, Sade began to meet my every stroke. “Just like that. Fuck, this pussy is so wet.” The only sound you could hear throughout the room was her ass smacking into my pelvis. 

“Ah! Ah! Pleaseeee.” She screamed out. Sade moaned over and over that she was about to cum. Her walls were pulsating around me. I could feel her heart beating through her pussy.

She was ready to explode, but I wasn’t. 

Pulling out, I turned her around and lifted her into the air, placing her wet pussy in my face. I circled my tongue around her clit while carrying her to the bedroom attached the luxury suite that I’d spent thousands on just for one night.

Lowering her from my face, I set her on her feet and fell backwards onto the bed. I watched her through low eyes as she stood at the end of the bed with a scowl on her face. 

I stopped her from getting what she wanted for a reason. 

“You know what I want.” I nodded once. Her scowl turned into a seductive smirk. Sade climbed onto the bed and stood over me. With her feet still planted flatly, she slowly lowered her herself onto me. Stopping midway, she placed her hands on her knees and bounced her ass. 

“Fuckkk.” I groaned. Giggling at my outburst, she stopped playing with me and slid down until her pussy had completely devoured my dick. She slowly began to twist her hips with her feet still planted on the bed. I was stuck in a trance, watching her do what she was so good at while forcing back my own moans. 

She was so fucking sexy. The way her left hand was gripping her right breast had me hypnotized. Her eyes were closed, and her bottom lip was tucked between her teeth. Soft whimpers emitted from her, followed by four words I hadn’t heard in a long time.

“I love you, Dominic.” It was almost a whisper, but I’d heard it. All movement stopped, and her eyes popped open. Shock was evident in her gaze. I tapped her thigh, signaling for her to adjust her legs. She followed my silent request without a fight. 

Pulling her toward me, I wrapped one arm tightly around her body, while the other gripped her ass. “You can’t say shit like that and expect me not to lose all sense,” I spoke into her ear. Each stroke was hard and deep.

“Oh God, Dominic. I-I…” Whatever she wanted to say never left her lips as her body began to shake. Not able to hold my own orgasm any longer, I released deep inside of her. After a few moments, her body relaxed in my arms. Slowly, but surely, our breathing evened out.

She lifted her head to look at me, and we stared at each other for what felt like hours.

Her eyes said what her words would never admit. 

She opened her mouth to speak but the loud ringing of her phone had her leaping from my dick and racing into the living area of the hotel suite. 

Back to reality. 

Climbing out of bed, I reached for my own phone and checked for any missed calls. Sure enough, there were a few missed calls and texts and from my fiancé of five months, Juliette. I set my phone back down and pulled open the drawer that held my Black Ion-Plated engagement band that Juliette begged me to wear. Sitting up on the bed, I slid it onto my finger. The feeling that spread throughout me wasn’t a good one. Amid twisting it around my finger, thoughts of what and who I really wanted played out in my mind.

“Hey, I have to…” Sade stopped mid-sentence before I could even look up at her. “Is that a…” 

“Yes,” I answered honestly, cutting her off. When I finally brought my eyes to meet hers, the look of sadness written all over her had me feeling like shit. “It is. I was going to tell you but…” 

“No need. I get it. I… um… I have to go.” Sade rushed out of the room. Seconds later, I heard the suite door slammed shut. 

“Fuck!” I shouted snatching the ring off my finger and tossing it across the room. “Fuck!”


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