Deadly Affair | A Short Story Collab with Aubree Pynn

So, boom, I was like, “Aubree what’s good? You trying to challenge my pen, or nah?”

Baby girl hit me back with a simple, “bet,” then proceeded to show her a**. She came up with a wild lil theme for us to tackle and we had so much fun with it. With that being said, Preston’s antics doesn’t have anything to do with me. Please direct all tongue lashings to my girl, Aubree Pynn—mastermind behind the chaos.

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If walls could talk, the floral wallpaper in my home would scream. The light from the crystal chandeliers that hovered would flicker on and off, showcasing the demons straddled along them.

“Stella,” my husband’s deep resound ordered me to the living room. Robotically, I stood like I’d been summoned to rise by a controller. After smoothing my hands over my velvety robe, I slid my feet in my bunny slippers and snapped out of a hypnotizing trance.

Down the creaking, wooden steps and into our ultra-modern kitchen, I walked into his embrace. Preston released me and waved his hand over the center island. A bouquet of roses and a plate of scrambled eggs and white toast awaited me.

“Take a seat, beautiful.” He pulled a chair out to help me onto the tall, stool-chair. His soft lips pressed against my forehead before he backed away to pour me a glass of orange juice from the plastic pitcher sitting upon the countertop.

“You look tired,” he said.

Hating him consumed a lot of my energy. And boy was I tired!

“I am.” I nodded. 

As I bit off a small piece of toast, I anticipated the inevitable—the predictable contempt that spewed from him every other morning.

“Well take it easy today.” He pecked my lips, leaving the taste of mocha coffee behind. “Try not to clean your plate. You’re gaining a little weight.”

Standing before him, I brushed the crumbs off my hands to align his tie correctly. Avoiding the hazel eyes that stood out amongst his flawless brown skin, I stared directly ahead at his chest until I finished.

“Don’t wait up. I have meetings lined up all day,” he concluded. Preston traced his thumb over my tensed cheekbone and headed out. My feet were planted where I stood until the front door slammed on his way out.

From afar, the sound of the picture frames on the walls in the living room shook like an earthquake had come and gone. My heightened breathing had slowed down, returning to normal now that he was gone. 

A sinister smile crept upon my lips, lifting my high cheekbones toward the ceiling. Laughter spewed out of me, filling the air that was once congested with animosity.

I feasted on a piece of toast as I tightened the strings on my robe and headed out the back door. I’d put the expansive shed in our yard to good use two weeks ago. Positioned in the middle of our backyard, it stretched across half of our three acres of land.

Albany’s humidity nearly choked me as I approached the shed’s door. I cleared my throat and kicked over the small boulder that hid the key to the entrance. Retrieving the hand-gun I’d stored in my flower-bed, I smiled at the progress of my garden as I unlocked the door to the shed and stepped inside, out of Georgia’s heat.

“Good morning bitches.” I tossed my toast at them and watched them scurry for it. Folding my arms across my chest, I scoffed as they shared the piece of toast just like they’d been sharing my husband.

They were both the opposite of me. A size two, tall, and naive. They believed his lies, but I saw right through them.

“Can you please loosen our cuffs?” one of them asked. “My wrist is bleeding.” Weeping from the pain, she held it out to me, pleading with swollen bags under her glossy eyes.

Unable to control my anger, I kicked her in the stomach.

“There. That should take the focus off your wrist.” 

Her friend pulled her as closely as she could despite their shackles. I pointed the gun at her head as she side-eyed me.

“You’ve had us in here for days. How long do you think you can keep this up?” she spat.

I shrugged. “Let’s see.” I tapped my chin, blinking rapidly at the wooden platform above us. “I confronted both of you three months ago and warned you to stop sleeping with my husband.” Shrugging once more, I threw my arms in the air, letting them fall defeatedly. “I will keep this up.” I nodded. “Now what do you want to eat? I’m in a good mood today and I’ve already taken out the trash, so I can’t feed you that.”

The weak one screamed for help like I hadn’t sound proofed the place.

“Not today, Ginger. Just answer the question.” I huffed and pushed my jet-black curls out of my face.  “Danielle, since your friend is incompetent, you should choose. What do you want to eat?”

Her attitude persisted as she snarled at me. “Keeping us in here won’t stop your husband from cheating. We aren’t the first set of friends he’s been with. Won’t be the last,” Danielle said.

We stared at each other with disdain. Danielle’s nostrils flared; her sandy brown cheeks turned red.

“Our families will come looking for us,” she said.

Pulling the hammer back on the gun, I shot past her ear, accidentally grazing it.

“What do you want to eat?!” I demanded answers as they screamed, cried and held onto each other.

“Chinese or something. Anything,” Ginger cried. 

I laughed, then nodded. “Good choice, Gin.” I rubbed her cheek with the barrel of the gun.

“I’m in the mood for that, too. I’ll be back. Don’t wait up.” After blowing them a kiss, I exited the shed and locked up. I stashed the keys in the pocket of my robe and prepared to drop the gun in the flowerbed until I turned around and saw him.

“Preston,” I whispered to myself.

His long legs moved toward me with purpose. The scowl on his face was handsome yet intimidating.

“What have you been up to, Stella?” he growled.



My face twisted as I took giant steps toward her. The only reason I’d doubled-back was because she’d forgotten to put my meeting notes in my briefcase. If I hadn’t checked, I would’ve never caught her red-handed. She looked at me like she’d seen a ghost.

“Stella,” I growled lowly, stopping within inches of her. “What are you doing?”

My glare intensified when she didn’t answer me. I was already irritated by her carelessness. She was going to invoke more of it if she didn’t open her mouth and speak. I commenced a countdown in my head to gather my composure, impatiently waiting until she opened her mouth and uttered a word.

Five, four, three, two, one…

Her silence would be her downfall and I would make sure of it. Reaching out to grab her face with force, I shook her jaw. 

“Give me the gun!” Her sculpted amber eyes pierced through me, but I didn’t care. She was up to no good and I was going to get to the bottom of it one way or another. Reluctantly, she handed the gun over. “And the keys.”

Just as soon as she handed the keys over, the doorbell rang. I peered down at my watch, and then back at her with a smirk. If she hadn’t lost all her color before, it was definitely gone now. The flushed expression on her face was fading her melanin.

“Hm…” She pulled away from me when I loosened my grip on her face. “You should get that,” I quipped.

I snatched the keys and the gun from her grip and trailed behind her into our home. Grabbing her arm before she could get the door, I turned her around to face me. “You deserve your fun too…Enjoy him. This is the last time. And if you dare tell him I’m here, you’ll regret it.”

Releasing her, I stepped into my study and left the door ajar. I wanted to hear how vocal she was when I wasn’t around. I’d been dying to discover all the things she did behind my back when I departed every morning for work. 

Standing in the crack of the door, I observed how she nervously smiled before he fully stepped inside the house. 

Stella had caught onto my affairs years ago. She’d threatened the women I found solace in, persistently scaring them off and sometimes causing them to disappear altogether. But then she grew quiet, no longer mentioning my acts of infidelity. 

I’d started doing some research of my own following that. She’d destroyed my pride when I found out another man had been occupying our bed. Stella would leave his cologne lingering on her skin just to rile me when I returned home late nights. She was lessening the control I harbored, and that was fucking up my head.

As he kicked the door closed with his foot, he reeled her into his arms and placed a passionate kiss on her lips. My eye twitched as I watched him sexually handle her with the same aggression I used to make love to her with. Noticeably, Stella had put on a few extra pounds. She was nowhere near as thin as she was when we initially married. The extra load turned me off. But to watch another man clear my kitchen table to sit her on it and stand between her legs while caressing her curves made me nauseous. 

She was still mine!

For as long as she bore my last name and wore the four-carat, diamond ring I’d given her, Stella belonged to me.

I couldn’t bring myself to look away as he drank from her land of milk and honey. Stella didn’t even try to hold her excitement or shame back. Dropping her head back from pleasure, she turned toward the study and smirked. Every blissful reaction she made was performed to spite me. Suddenly, she gained control and dropped to her knees to take him in her mouth. While his eyes were closed, she stared at me through the crack of the door. I watched her with hate burning in my soul as she spit, bobbed her head, and rotated her palms around his dick. They were the same tricks she used to do to me.

Stella swallowed his happy ending and licked her lips before seductively biting down on her bottom lip. She winked her left eye at me as she climbed onto our kitchen table on all fours and accepted him doggy style. She cursed and moaned his name, mocking me with every thrust. “Mm, Corey…”

Corey…her business partner. The business partner she would never let me meet.

She cheered for him as I wondered exactly how long they’d been at it. 

Stella pleaded for him to push her to the edge so that she could unravel everything she’d been building up while eyeing my study door’s threshold.

As I watched my wife unravel and cream for another man, she gripped the edge of the table and reached for something steel and shiny. Stella waited until Cory dropped his head and grunted, pumping a final stroke in her. During the peak of his passion, she bucked, turned around, and then shot a bullet directly through his heart. 

Blood splattered over the white-tiled kitchen floor and wall. With a satisfied smile, she watched his limp body fall to the floor. Stella slid off the table and wiped her face with a decorative kitchen towel, dropping it on his lifeless body afterward.

I swallowed the hard lump in my throat and watched her stalk toward the study. Her demeanor was calm, exceptionally proud. Stella pushed the door open and inspected me with fire dancing in her bright eyes. “Look what you did, Preston. You killed him, and all because you wanted to be selfish. Didn’t I tell you no one else could have you but me?”

My brows knitted together as I stared my wife upside her head of messy curls. “Stella…” I tried to reason.

“You’ve talked enough for the both of us, darling. Now it’s your turn to prove yourself to me. Get rid of his body and those whores, or you, my unfaithful, lying, sorry ass excuse for a husband, will be next.” She waved me out the room with the barrel of the gun. “Til death do us part, remember?”

I moved gradually toward the back door and glanced over my shoulder at her. “Don’t look at me!” she screamed. Her calm state had disappeared. Her anger had become vivid. “Get rid of them! Now!”

It was do or die. 

Me or them. 

And I chose me.


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