Beautiful Deception part 2 | A Short Story Collab with Chelsea Maria

See, you have to be careful what you ask for.

Me + the amazingly talented Chelsea Maria are back… and with vengeance because y’all wouldn’t let us live. (:

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I had a hard dick poking through my slacks, and now a headache. 

“She’s… pregnant?!” Jazlyn stepped between me and Shante, pushing Shante backward in the process. Shante stumbled a bit but kept her distance.

Like she knew what was best for her, she remained on the top step of our porch, voicing her dismay from a distance.

“Mhm. Pregnant,” Shante reiterated from a short stretch. Her voice, although small, carried from the steps like a trumpet.

“Leave, Shante!” I shouted around my wife with fury. Amused, Shante tossed her head back with laughter. Presenting a sinister smile, she swayed from side to side, rubbing her belly eagerly.

“Don’t jump the gun on me, baby.” I reached for Jazlyn’s hand. “I always used protection with her. It’s not mine.”

Jazlyn snatched her hand away from me at the same time Shante scoffed. The resound bounced off our empty porch, making my skin crawl.

“You don’t remember the night the condom broke, daddy?” Shante cooed. Jazlyn looked disgusted at the pet name she called me. It was a reference she refused to use with me. While my wife was reserved, Shante was the complete opposite. She’d catered to all the fantasies my wife disapproved of. 

“C’mon. Tell me you remember.” She smiled, steadily rubbing her protruding belly. “You snatched it off and made love to me. There were no boundaries that night. You just…” Shante gasped when Jazlyn turned around to rush her. Thankfully, my reflexes were swifter than her urge to snatch her up.

“Look at me.” I held onto Jazlyn’s waist and maneuvered each time she took a step. I refused to let her escape me.

“No,” she shouted and avoided my eyes. Tonight, wasn’t the night she was willing to fall victim to my apologetic orbs. “I can’t stand the sight of you right now,” she grumbled. Tears brimmed in her big, brown eyes. “You keep doing this to me, Malik. Before her, there were others. You think I don’t know about them, but I do. You’re sick!”

Hearing her utter my flaws aloud felt like shots to my manhood. My pride shrunk underneath her glare.

I loved my wife. I hadn’t fallen out of love with her since the day I met her. Sexually, I was weak for positions she wouldn’t submit to. Our sex life had become boring over time, nearly inexistent. As a man with needs, my back was against the wall. Sometimes, love wasn’t enough. Physical pleasure was vital too.

“Jazyln, I...” A powerful slap to the face lit the side of my face on fire. Taken aback by the blow, I released her and stepped back. 

“Get the fuck off my property.” She turned to Shante. Without another word, Shante looked back and forth between us with a conniving smile. Descending the steps cautiously, she walked backwards, eyeing our moves until she reached her car that was parked in the middle of our curved driveway.

“I’ll be in touch,” she said and waved. 

At the sight of her blinding headlights, I blocked the bright illumination with my arm until she backed out and sped off down the road. She shouted obscenities out of the window until she was too far gone for me to hear her.

“Jazlyn,” I entered our home, calling out to her. I climbed two stairs at a time to reach her. All I needed was one more chance to explain.

One more chance to caress her smooth brown cheek and promise I wouldn’t do this to us anymore. 

My gut told me Shante was trying to pin a child on me that wasn’t mine. During our time together, her hand was always out for money. 

It was hard to trust her.

Impossible to take her word for it.

“What are you doing?” My deep tone wavered seeing Jaz pack her bags. I anticipated her sending me away and allowing me to come back when she calmed down. Instead, she was pacing back and forth from the dresser to the large duffle bag on the bed.

“I’m leaving you, Malik.”


“Don’t!” she screamed. “There’s nothing you can say anymore. You can’t fix this. I’ve forgiven you too many times. I forgave you for the late nights. I forgave you for all the long weekends away. Don’t you dare try to stop me."

Dropping to my knees, I crawled to her feet, vulnerable and exclusively at her mercy. I never thought I’d see the day Jazlyn would leave me. Our ten years together wasn’t perfect, but our devotion was worth the fight. 

Losing my rib would ruin me. Jazlyn Barnes was my good thing!

“You’re my world, baby.” I wrapped my arms around her waist and looked up into her gorgeous face. Despite all the ways I’d hurt and stepped out on her, no one could compare to her elegance. “We’ll continue the counseling. Please. I’ll do whatever it takes. Just don’t leave me.”

Jazlyn paused trying to fight me off to exhale. She rubbed her glossy eyes before the tears could officially fall, and then brushed her soft hand over my head.

“I’m leaving you, Malik,” she whispered and snatched her curvaceous body away from my arms. 

My worst fear had converted into my reality.



Two Months Later…

“Mmhmm, yesss. Don’t stop. Plee…pleaaaa…please don’t stop.”

I never felt so alive. 

So turned on. 

So wanted.

So beautiful.


My hips were on a mission to wound me back in time to a place that existed before I do’s and airless vows. My hands touched my body and roamed over my breast, heightening my sensitive skin. With each drum of my fingertips against my perked nipples, my moans grew louder. Each thrust of his hips trying to match my rhythm stirred the burning fire in my gut.

“Yesss, Malik. Don’t stop. Fuck this pussy.” 

Who knew I had such a potty mouth? A mouth that drooled at the thought of having my tonsils used as punching bags. 

“Jaz, baby, slow down. I don’t want to cum yet.” His hands reluctantly stopped the assault he had been drumming against my clit to hold onto my hips. A failed effort to control me.

Control me?

What a joke!

The tingles in my toes had come. My breathing became erratic.

“I’m cuming. I’m cuming!” 

 Malik’s strong hands gripped my waist as he thrusted deeper inside me. 

Damn, he’s always had exquisite dick.

“Ride my shit, baby. Ride it, Jazlyn.”

His voice...

A voice that once serenaded me to sleep. A voice that used to have the power to command my body into submission was three seconds close to ruining my orgasm.

Reaching behind him, I snatched the pillow and stuffed it over his face to stifle out his nails on a chalkboard resound. I gasped feeling my walls stretch as his girth thickened. Sick bastard thought this was some 50 Shades of Grey kinky shit.

Pushing the pillow down with the little bit of strength left in my body, I rode him until I tuned out his muffled tone and focused on releasing… 

Releasing ten years of pain and heartache. 

Releasing late nights filled with crying spells.

Releasing myself of Malik entirely.

“Damn, that was good,” I exhaled, falling over onto the spot next to him.

Sex between Malik and I had never felt so good. God really listened to my prayers when I said I wanted a man who could make me lose my mind in the bedroom. Next time, I would be careful of what I asked for, because I’d lost my mind inside and out of the bedroom by falling in love with him. 

But it was okay. What I lost would be restored…tenfold restored.

The feel of his hands gripping my thighs brought me back down to earth. In the bedroom, he put it down; him penetrating my walls with his gifted muscle still blew my mind. He could touch any part of my body and evoke pleasure until I orgasmed and my breathing leveled out. Afterward, the feel of him touching me made me nauseated.

Pushing his hands off me, I stood from our bed and walked into our bathroom, locking the door behind me. I wanted to enjoy one last bath inside the custom-made marble garden tub. The minute I walked out that front door for the final time, my life was going to change…for the better. With each second that past by, I had to remind myself that he was the one who fucked up and got his mistress pregnant. I was the good wife who stayed when everyone left.

The good wife who stayed down figuratively and literally. The one who cooked his meals and washed his dirty clothes.

I was the wife who nursed his mental wounds whenever work beat him down. I was everything to him!


Yet, my best wasn’t good enough. Surely wasn’t good enough to stop him from sticking my dick in a fly by night secretary.

“I made reservations at Grand Lux for seven. I’d really love if you wore that sexy, red lace dress,” soft kisses along my collar bone followed his request.

Smirking, I nodded and continued moisturizing my sore body with my favorite lotion. “Anything you want, baby. Go get dressed and meet me downstairs.”

Happy with my answer, Malik disappeared and left me alone.


I’d learned to turn the lonely nights into nights of finding myself and falling back in love with me. A month ago, I probably would’ve said something different. More along the lines of claiming that the distance from my husband was making my heart grow fonder. All that had changed two months ago when my place of peace—the place I’d tried my hardest to turn into a happy home—was tarnished. The very minute she felt comfortable enough to knock on my door and disturb our peace changed everything.

The sound of my heels clacking against the bamboo wooden floors almost brought tears to my eyes.


I remembered when we purchased the two-story French style home with both levels porched in and fenced with the fairytale white picket fence. Malik was everything to me back then. My knight in shiny muscled armor. My Clark Kent. My Romeo. Now, he was just a hard-headed nigga who’d scorned the wrong woman far too many times.

“Damn, Jaz. You look amazing.” He licked his thick, plump lips, taking me in. 

I was going to miss that mouth and the rare tricks his tongue produced. My eyes had seen the back of my head plenty of times, and my thighs had crowned his shoulders as the best seat.

“Thank you, Malik. I have something for you, baby.” Pecking his lips, I reached behind him and grabbed the white envelope from off the table. “If you have any questions at all, my lawyer is available to answer them. Take care.”

My legs moved faster than my hips were winding an hour ago as I made a beeline for the front door. I knew Malik. I knew my husband…well, as of yesterday, my ex-husband. I had to make it out that door and in that car before he could get ahold of me.

“Jazlyn… Jazlyn.” His voice grew closer the further down the driveway I ran.

A wicked laugh touched my lips from hearing the despair in his tone and looking back at the fear lacing his expression.

Where was all that worry when I was the only one in fear of our marriage crumbling? 

“Sir, I’ll pay double if you can get me out of here before he can touch the handle of this truck.” Sitting in the back of the luxury SUV, I glanced out the dark tinted windows and watched Malik sprint toward the truck. My heart pounded loudly while fearing we weren’t going to get out quick enough. 

“Hold on tight, ma’am,” the driver warned. 

“Oh my God.” I clutched my chest as my back slammed against the back seat from him speeding off.

He’d did it. He’d gotten me out before Malik could reach me.

I’m free!

“Kinda dramatic, don’t you think?” The dry humor in her voice caused my cheeks to touch my eyes as I laughed.

“Tell me about it. Had to make my escape memorable.” I shrugged, reaching into my clutch and taking out the thick envelope. “It’s all there, plus extra.”

Shante rubbed her large belly and blew me a kiss. “Happy to do business with you.” She smiled. “Seriously, are you okay, Jazlyn?”

Exhaling, I took a deep breath and turned toward the window. We’d arrived at the airport. My new life was only fifty feet away. Once inside the airport, I would board a plane that would take me to a beautiful city far away from him.

“Ten years, Shante. Ten years.” I quickly wiped two lone tears away before they ruined my perfect face beat. “I questioned everything about myself because of that man. Questioned why I couldn’t bare his children but you…you could.” I shook my head at the ludicrous thoughts running through my head. “He did this. He’s to blame and I’m just getting what is owed to me.”

“I wish you all the best. You’re young, fine, and rich. Very rich,” she chuckled.

That I was. A very rich, divorced woman.

There is power in the ‘V’. Power in pussy, and I proved it with Malik.

Two months ago, I served my husband with divorce papers after Shante, the woman I hired to seduce my husband, showed up at my doorstep pregnant. Very pregnant. I’d paid her to sleep with him, not cocoon his sperm in her vagina. But I digress. 

Shante wasn’t the first woman my husband broke our vows for. She was only the first to get pregnant. The first to arrogantly approach me about their affair.

I supposed if a wife was paying a woman close to thirty thousand dollars to sleep with her husband, she’d be very arrogant as well.

After finding out about slut number five, I became fed up. Malik and I signed a prenup that left me with only receiving five years of alimony if I divorced him, however, if either of us were to get caught cheating, then half of his fortune was mine. Half of his businesses. Half of his bank account, off shore and on shore, were mine. 

Now, with the other five women, all I had was text messages and emails as proof. That was good, but not good enough. Malik and his shark lawyers would fight me tooth and nail in court. I needed something better. Something that would hold weight and get me all that I deserved… and more.

In today’s day and age, it wasn't hard to find a woman who was all about her money and willing do anything to secure her designer labels. One solo brunch date with myself at a bar led me to meet the perfect woman who screamed all of Malik’s weaknesses. I offered her thirty grand and a job at his company to seduce my husband in exchange of proof. Live proof of their affair. The baby was the icing on the cake.

I took my proof and broken heart to my lawyer and filed for divorce. With extra money, the judge was willing to speed up the process. Malik was served and we fought. He fought for his finances and attempted to reconcile our love as I fought on my back to distract him from appearing in court. If he didn’t appear at the hearing, the judge would grant me my divorce, and that was exactly what happened.

I fucked my husband everyday for two months until the paperwork was final. I sucked him dry and made him forget that our union had come to an end. I bounced my ass on his dick day and night, released nut after nut on his pogo stick, and rode his tongue until my muscles ached. You would’ve thought we’d stepped back in time and were newlyweds again. I took lunch to his job and sucked him while on my knees under his desk. I cooked him five course meals and ran his bath water to manipulate him for what I deserved.

“Take care, Shante.” I squeezed her hand before getting out the truck. I didn’t care what took place between them after this.

My life with Malik, being the cheek turning wife, had ended. My life as Jazyln, the new, improved and free woman, had emerged.

THE END… for real this time!

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