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I told myself Emoni would not get a story. I swear I did. I said if anyone inquired if more would come from her, I would politely decline the mere thought of it. In other words, I played myself. Emoni deserves a story. Her story will be shorter than her best friend, Hazel’s, journey was. Nevertheless, it will be mighty.

Emoni’s story is vivid, impassioned and nearly finished. The substance behind it is extensive. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Not over a man…

Never over a man…

Emoni knows what she deserves. In all aspects, she makes the proper moves to give herself the world. Life is great, her career is thriving, and there isn’t a thing more she can ask God for.

But for goodness sakes, can He help her get her love life together? Can He toss a sign at her that will stick and/or inform her if Maurice is the one for her, or not?

We’ll see!


Although Emoni’s story can be read as a standalone, I encourage you to read The Passion We Share to get to know her beforehand. Check out this excerpt from The Passion We Share to see what you are in for.



“I can’t keep crying over him, Hazel.”

“You won’t,” I said. I could’ve promised her that. Moni would endure the pain that came with love until she was tired. Once tired, moving on was inevitable.

“What did he do?” I whispered when she laid her head on my shoulder.

Moni exhaled deeply. I feared he’d let her down in the worst way.

“Did he cheat?”

Moni sneered and shook her head. “If only our issues were that easy. Giving up on him wouldn’t be a question if he cheated. It’s deeper than that, Hazel. We’re... just not getting along. I want more for us in ways that will help us grow together. He wants...” she paused to huff. “See, that’s the main problem. I don’t fucking know what he wants right now. I have no idea what we’re doing.”


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