Growth Spurt


Hello, beautiful people.

TGIF. Whew! I’ve never felt that in my soul as strongly as I have today! Thank the good Lord it is Friday.

Bottle of wine me, please!

Blessings to your weekend and may you manifest an amazing upcoming week!

Instead of a blog, this topic was supposed to be recorded for ShanicexLola Speaks. Unfortunately, my voice is gone, so we’re opting for the next best thing. :)

First things first, I know I said I would be recording 2-3 times a week, but I’ve been playing Sims.

That’s right… Sims.

I thought I beat my addiction long ago. I told myself I could play for a few hours and stop at anytime I needed to, in order to get back to work. Turns out, I’m still a Sims junkie. I’ve been creating my characters, sub characters, future characters and the whole sheBANG in the game.

Finally, today, I saved the game and powered it down. It was not easy! Sims had me ignoring the duties I’d jotted down in my planner, my phone, emails, etc.

But that isn’t the only excuse for my isolation.

This week wasn’t that great for me. My growth spurt is getting really uncomfortable. I’ve heard a lot of quotes, sermons and podcasts about how uncomfortable transitioning for your greater good and growing can be. However, I never imagined the journey could be this agonizing.

This… demanding.

I don’t have a say in this.

We don’t have a say in life’s ultimate shifts. The shift is inevitable when it pertains to developing into our full potential. If you’re determined to live your best life, it’s also imperative.

Like I said, we don’t have a choice in this.

But damn. That s#!t can be lonely, too.



Downright mean!

Growth includes outgrowing people you love. Friends you thought you would have forever. Family who can't get it together. Lovers you assumed were your one and only.

Your perspective changes and certain connections don’t fulfill you anymore. You start wondering how they even sufficed in the first place. Now that you’ve stepped back, you realize they’ve drained you. You peep that their selfish tendencies don’t deserve your selflessness.

Like me, I’m sure you realized this before. Naturally, I’m an over thinker, so nothing much goes unnoticed around me. But, that damn growth spurt! The physicality of it has nothing on the mental toll it takes on the mind, body and soul.

You start to question yourself, your current position and the people around you.

Who is genuine? Who isn’t? Who is attempting to use you for your resources? For your accomplishments, gifts, talents, connections and what you can do for them?

You begin to isolate yourself when you’re let down, taken advantage of, or disappointed in a situation that has taken place. You shut everyone out, even those who are meant for you, because you’re confused on the sudden changes that are unfolding right before your eyes.

I’m trying to make this blog short and sweet. Bear with me. I’ve only mentioned a few of the uncomfortable feelings that come with growing and becoming the best YOU there is. Covering every part of this topic would have you here, reading all day. There’s A LOT more to this, I know.

However, I’m attempting to tell others who are enduring the same thing as me to cruise through the overwhelming motions. To allow your growth to weed people out and make room for new experiences with likeminded individuals who match the greatness within you.

I’m here to tell you to welcome it all! Don't fight it, cry about it, or question it. Let it be and recognize how far you’ve come. Look ahead and continue to flourish amid uncomfortable changes that are necessary for where you’re headed.

I don’t know how often these growth spurts occur. I just know this isn’t the first one I’ve experienced and it won’t be the last.

This morning, I had a talk with my aunt and uncle outside of their church. My aunt mentioned that she notices I’ve been shutting down and isolating myself. She said the enemy has a way of secluding you and taking over your mind when you have a lot going on. I truly didn't have the words to respond to her. I merely listened to her and my uncle tell me not to push the people who loved me away during mind-boggling times. She advised me to seek the God within me, along with the almighty God above.

Listen, my loves! That hit me hard. I stood there, nodding vigorously like a fool with no tongue. I was shook! Mute! Flabbergasted that they’d called me out like that. And they were on point, too!

So, here’s to welcoming every change life throws our way. Let’s welcome it without shutting down or running from it. That never works anyway.

Here’s to learning how to let go without questioning every aspect of it. Here’s to taking care of ourselves, supporting ourselves and putting ourselves first, because we deserve that. Here’s to loving others the way we want to be loved at all times, but especially when they’re enduing a growth spurt of their own that has them questioning everyone and everything around them.

Here’s to living our best mf lives!

Until next time!

xoxo, ShanicexLola


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