Beautiful Deception | A Short Story Collab with Chelsea Maria

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Malik’s chest was where I belonged. Lying on it comfortably while twirling my finger around his toned chest, to be exact. 

Accustomed to what could cause his heartbeat to race rapidly, I lowered my hand to grope his sizable package through his micro-fleece robe. Stirring in his sleep, he awakened to grab my hand. I lifted my head from his chest to admire the smirk that crept upon his full, enticing lips. 

“Don’t start anything you can’t finish or handle, Jaz,” he said. A threat, actually. It was a stimulating threat that urged me to proceed.

We were day one into our vacation of restoration. After ten years of marriage, the irrepressible fire that once danced in our eyes was beginning to perish. Our marriage counselor suggested time away from our beautiful home. She was keen on us traveling somewhere unfamiliar and possibly lavish to enjoy ourselves.

In less than twenty-four hours, we’d touched each other more than we had in months.

Six months. 

Roughly, one-hundred and eighty days.

Approximately, four-thousand, three-hundred and eighty-two hours. 

Malik and I hadn’t been on the best terms for a while. Without a real reason why, pointless disagreements continued to overshadow our devotion. Late nights at the office kept him away from home throughout the weekday.

Saving me from losing myself to a pensive mood, Malik pinned my wrist to the bed above my head. He hovered over me and gazed at my lips until he looked up and found himself lost in my eyes.

Malik’s chocolate skin gleamed underneath the bright light of the chandelier above us. The tall, king-sized bed that supported us had me imagining we were floating on a cloud. I reached up to rub my fingers through his thick, groomed beard. My attraction to Malik Barnes hadn’t dwindled, and it never would. He was the most handsome man I’d ever laid eyes on. A gorgeous addition to the woman I was. 

“I’m glad we’re here,” he leaned down and whispered against my tingling lips. A dominant electricity soared throughout my body. 

Malik still contained the power to control my mind, and body. Our souls were tied.

Utterly aligned.

“Me too.” I rolled my fingertips over his smooth cheek. As I traced his strong jawline, I blushed. Seven days in an intimate heaven of our own would do us both a heap of good.

Outside of our suite, the waves of Cancun were at war. Simultaneously, they crashed against each other like they were in an alliance with our heavy breathing as we engaged in a passionate kiss. 

“What was it?” I broke our kiss to inquire. I’d been wanting to ask that question for quite some time now. 

I needed to know what it was about his other woman that stripped him away from me. I’d never seen her, only heard her taunting voice when I answered his phone the night of discovery. 

I wondered if she was more beautiful than me. Malik swore I was the most beautiful woman in the world to him. 

If so, how’d the beauty of another capture his attention for five-months?

“Jaz, don’t…”

“I just want to know, Malik.” I searched his eyes for answers. “I need to know,” I added with a whisper.

“I hate when you do this to yourself.” He dropped his head, then fell next to me. On our sides, we were positioned face to face while relying on our elbows for balance. “Why do you insist on doing this to yourself? I know I hurt you, baby, but that is over and done. I haven’t communicated with her since…”

“Since I found out a month ago. Before that, you’d been seeing her for a while, right? Who’s to say…”

“I said stop doing this to yourself.” He gripped my chin. “It was nothing. It was… nothing to me. I fucked up,” he grumbled and shook his head, disappointed. 

“What weren’t you getting from me?” I held his hand to my face, awaiting an answer on edge. “You can tell me. That’s what we’re here for. You’re my husband, my first true love, my everything. You can tell me anything.”

“Jazlyn. She was convenient,” he stated firmly.

Convenient pussy,” I thought to myself. Who would’ve thought that would be the reason my husband betrayed our matrimony. Typical.

Tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn’t control them from streaming down my sandy, brown cheeks. They were sure to leave a stain as they cascaded down my cheeks and dangled from my chin. Malik’s lips wiped them away. Placing gentle pecks over my face, he apologized again. 

One hundred and one times. One hundred and two times.

It was his favorite song to sing. A tune that couldn’t make me feel any better in this moment.

“It’s been a decade with you. I’ve been in love with you since we were twenty-five-years-old. That hasn’t changed. I’m still in love with you,” he said. I closed my eyes when he resumed kissing my face. 

I wanted to give Malik everything he’d ever wanted with a woman, including a house filled with kids. Some things were just harder than others. Conceiving was one of them. Because of it, I feared that being the case he strayed. Malik promised endlessly it wasn’t; he recited that just as much as he apologized for his infidelity. Still, I couldn’t shake the dreadful feeling of that possibly being the case.


“No,” he interrupted me. Malik sat up to pull me onto his lap, and into his strong arms. “Seven days in paradise, right? You don’t get to do that to yourself, especially while we’re here. I won’t let you, Jazlyn. I love you, and I’ll spend the rest of our lifetime together making things up to you if I have to.”

I nodded until my head hit his shoulder, then nestled against his neck. His signature cologne made him even more desirable.

 “Tighter,” I whispered a request for his arms to snuggle me closer. 

“I’ll never let go.” He kissed my forehead and obliged. 



“Have a good weekend, Malik. I hope Jazlyn loves the flowers,” my secretary yelled behind me.

I’d always conducted myself in a mannerable way. I spoke when spoken to and answered questions whenever prompted. 

Today, I had no time for pleasantries. 

I had tunnel vision speeding down I-95; my mind was focused on one thing.

The place I rested my tired bones after a long day at work. 

The place that my wife of ten years turned into our home.

I was heading home to her.

My peace!

Six months had passed since my wife and I spent seven passionate nights entangled in each other, giving our last in hopes of replenishing with a fresh start. There was no one to blame for the discord in our marriage but myself. Since the day I met my wife, she’d devoted her all to making sure I was happy.

Nothing or no one could tell me she didn’t love me. If it wasn’t expressed by her succulent lips, she said it through her actions. 

As much as she loved me, I loved her twice as much. 

Tying my soul to Jazlyn had and would always be my greatest accomplishment.

I’d never been a man who crumbled under pressure or jumped at everything that glittered.  The day Shante waltzed inside of my office and introduced herself as my new assistant, I should’ve known those golden brown legs wouldn’t mean me any good. 

Instead of remembering the devoted wife I had at home, I gave away the special loving that was only meant for Jazlyn. 

After the first bite, I should’ve stopped. When Shante’s pussy nudged my dick instead of turning her walls into a Hover vacuum like Jazlyn’s, I should’ve stopped. When Shante gagged and almost threw up when my mushroom tip gazed her tonsils instead of relaxing her throat and sucking me until cum rain down her legs like Jazlyn, it should’ve ended there.

All of those should haves almost cost me a good thing.

“Baby, is that you?” her sweet voice emitted from our bedroom. 

God, thank you.

There was a time I’d arrived home after a long day at work and nothing greeted me but darkness.

Thankfully, cold meals weren’t left in the oven, waiting to be reheated, and she wasn’t in bed pretending to be asleep with her back facing my side of the bed.

Under the same roof, we’d become strangers. I was relieved things had changed for the better.

“Yeah, babe. It's me,” I answered, stepping into our bedroom.

Those honey dipped eyes peered up at me from the edge of the bed. It was well past five in the evening and she was lounging around in my old college hoodie and a pair of my boxers. She looked sweet and edible.

Jazlyn’s brown skin tasted better than the richest chocolate. Every inch of her body appeased to the taste buds on my tongue.

Watching the curve of her lips form into a sexy smile caused the front of my dress pants to tighten. That’s what she did to me. One smile had the power to motorize every limb in my body.

“How was your day?” she asked. Standing, she strolled over to me on her tippy toes.

Reaching out, I grabbed the front of my hoodie and pulled her into my chest. On her own, she was taking too long. I needed to feel her in my arms–to feel her breath brush across my cheek. Feeling her soft hands run up my arms until they secured themselves behind my neck made my day. 

I always needed to feel her.

“Did you wait for me?” Running my tongue across her bottom plump lip, I groaned during the vibration of her trembling body. 

It had been ten years, and my wife still faltered under my touch. Despite the hurt and pain I caused, she still sought me out in the middle of the night to provide warmth and security that only I could give. After kissing her last fallen tear in Cancun, I vowed to never let sadness replace desire. Every day following, I made it my business to make sure Jazlyn knew that opening her heart and giving me her trust again wasn’t in vain.

Nodding, she reached for my tie and pulled me down to her lips. “I did. It's on the bathroom counter.”

“Look at me, Jaz.” With my hands gripping her neck firm, yet gently, I aligned our eyes. “No matter what that test says, nothing changes between us. A negative test doesn’t mean it’ll never happen for us, okay?”

Grinning wide and bright, she nodded again. “It means that we can practice until our bodies are tired.” Listening to her speak while moaning sent my hardened muscle straight to my zipper, begging to be free.

The test could wait, but my urge to consume her entirety, until she begged me to stop couldn’t. In seven seconds, I had her down to her lace underwear. My hands began to shake from the adrenal running through my veins. Everything awakened inside of me.

The constant ringing of the doorbell couldn’t even distractme from trying to dive into my wife’s pot of warm honey.

“Handle that, then I’ll handle this,” Jazlyn whispered and squeezed my swollen erection.

“I want you naked when I get back.” I licked my lips. After winking at her, I turned around and rushed down the stairs. I really hoped it wasn’t family or one of our friends. The only thing on my mind was sucking the lining out of my wife’s pussy while she rode my face.

I wouldn’t allow anyone to ruin my meal.

Snatching the front door open, my lips parted to dismiss our visitor, but closed after seeing the five-foot-six, petite figure smirking up at me. This couldn’t be happening to me right now. I walked away seven months ago with no intentions of ever being reminded of past mistakes. 

“Enjoyed your little vacation with the wife?” she asked, mocking my very existence. If I killed her, I could say she was trespassing on private property. I would go on with life and not have one regret on my conscience. 

Gritting my teeth, I stepped onto the front porch. “Shante, what are you doing here?” I exhaled harshly.

Rubbing the unmissable roundness of her large stomach, Shante smiled. “Now. Now. Is that the way to great the mother…”

“Babe, who’s at the door?” Jazlyn pushed the front door back and stepped out.

This is not happening to me right now.

The gasp came first, and then her body swayed into mine. “Mal-Malik, what is she doing here?” I flinched upon hearing despair replace the sultriness in her soft voice.

“While our man marvels in the joy of our extending family, I’ll share the good news.” Shante lifted her shirt and revealed her pregnant stomach. “We’re expecting our first child and I’m going to need my man back. I was a good girl for daddy. I let him play with you until your boo-boo was healed from him breaking your heart, but I’m going to need him back now.”

Just when I thought things were back on track, I was reminded why I didn’t deserve Jazlyn.  


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